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Venezuela: Canaima and Los Roques National Parks

6 days /5 nights

Caracas -Canaima National Park – Los Roques National Park





Between the rainforest of the Amazon Basin and the watershed of the Orinoco River, there is a rugged wall of remote mountains and deep, heavily forested canyons. This is Canaima National Park.
The formations of flat top are known by their Indian name: Tepuis.
The Los Roques is an island archipelago and a national park of Venezuela, consisting of more than 350 small islands of the Caribbean Sea.
Island of Margarita with crystal clear waters, green landscapes and white beaches!

Day 1: Canaima National Park

Flight from Caracas to Canaima National Park (1 hour 10 min). Arriving in Canaima. Transfer to a lodge 4*. Between the rainforest of the Amazon Basin and the watershed of the Orinoco River, there is a rugged wall of remote mountains and deep, heavily forested canyons. This is Canaima National Park. Many of the mountains have precipitous rock walls that rise thousands of meters where they end in an almost perfectly flat top. These formations are known by their Indian name: Tepuis. Originally the tops of the tepuis were joined together in a vast continuous plateau that stretched over a large part of northern South America. Over the time erosion carved steep-walled valleys and crevices into the plateau leaving fragments of it completely isolated. The region remains one of the most thinly settled and one of the most beautiful of all natural areas in South America. From one of these Tepuis plummets the world's highest waterfall: Angel Falls (979 meters). The fall is more than twice as high as the Empire State Building and three times higher than the Eiffel Tower. After we board our dugout canoes at Canaima beach, and cross Canaima lagoon with impressive views of its seven waterfalls. A short walk through savannah, and we start walking behind! the impressive water curtain of Sapo falls. It is a truly exhilarating experience: a cliff to the right, the roaring falls to the left, and water spray everywhere. Once on the other side of the curtain, we walk to the top of the falls for a wonderful view of the Tepuy landscape. Return to Canaima beach. The fall might have less water in the dry season. Back to the lodge. Dinner and the rest. Meals: lunch, dinner

Day 2: Full-day by canoe to the base of Angel Falls

*Please note: Runs only during rainy season (May-Dec); might be available in other months, depending on weather conditions. We could change for overflight of Angel Falls in the small plain Cessna on Canion Kavak with a overflight of Angel Falls. Early in the morning we board our motorized dugout canoes or “curiaras” in the Pemón Indian language. We travel up the Carrao river, and cross Mayupa lagoon and the Arautaima rapids, always surrounded by the spectacular landscape of Canaima National Park. We enter Churún river, winding its way through the spectacular Devil's Canyon. One more turn, and we see the highest waterfall on earth! We leave our canoes, and walk for an hour through virgin rainforest, until arriving at a rocky ledge. We suddenly stand before the magnificence of the Angel Falls, a few hundred meters away, becoming drenched by the frenzy of spray. A truly unforgettable and awesome sight! We can take a refreshing bath in the lagoon at the base of the fall. Lunch. In the afternoon return to Canaima. Dinner and the rest in the lodge. Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner

Day 3: Canaima National Park

Free day in the lodge. You can choose an additional excursions: canyon Kavak, overflight Canaima and Angel Falls in helicopter, small plane, Blue lagoon, tracking to tepui Kuravaina, bicycle, paddling Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner

Day 4: Caracas - Los Roques

Breakfast. Flight to Caracas, then flight to Los Roques National Park (50 min). Meeting and accommodation at posada 4*. The Los Roques is an island archipelago and a national park of Venezuela, with an area of 2250 sq. km, consisting of more than 350 small islands of the Caribbean Sea, is considered one of the most important marine reserves in the country. Only one of the islands of the archipelago is inhabited by people: about 150 families engaged in lobster fishing, tropical fish and tourism, arrived here from the island of Margarita. Crystal clear waters, green landscapes and white beaches are the perfect place to relax in the calm coastal waters, where coral reefs, starfish, sea turtles, fishing for men and women romance for you! Virgin! Handsomely! Unique and Unrepeatable! Meals: breakfast, dinner

Day 5: Los Roques

A trip to islands, see starfish in a natural pool, visit the station for the protection of sea turtles on the island of Two Musketeers, for men fishing from a boat of barracuda and dorado. Meals: breakfast, lunch box on the beach, dinner

Day 6: Caracas

Breakfast. Flight to Caracas. Meals: breakfast End of services.



- Accommodation
- Transfers In/Out
- Meals
- All Local Flights
- Local English Guides
- Excursions
Not included:
- Additional Excursions
- Taxes to Canaima 40 Usd and to Los Roques 25 Usd
- Insurance
- Tips
- Alcohol
*The host has the right to change the hotels indicated in the program to other hotels of the same category.

*The host party reserves the right to change the order of excursions, subject to the tour program.

*The host is not responsible for missed breakfasts in hotels when checking out early in the morning in case of an early flight or excursion
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REVIEW №1- Stacey
Pantanal and Bonito were fantastic. We loved all the tours and our driver was wonderful.
Thanks for a great trip!
REVIEW №2- Sandra Fahed Eliane
Hello ANNA!
I didn’t have the chance to thank you yet, for all your efforts, I had received very good reviews about all the package from my clients and they were satisfied thanks again for everything,

Kisses and hugs from Beirut ????
REVIEW №3- Shamali De Vaz

Dear Anna, Alexandra, Iona and the rest of the team at Ada Tours
Feed-back from a happy, satisfied customer!
A very big thank you for your very efficient services, Hospitality and most importantly your patience throughout the tour of my client. Dr. Chrysantha Mendis is very happy with the entire Tour. You did a fantastic job by organizing a detailed tour package covering 7 countries, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Chile, Peru, Argentina, and Brazil. Dr. Mendis has enjoyed all the countries though he could not do a few tours in Peru which is understandable due to political unrest. We will recommend Ada Tours to all our clients in Sri Lanka and will start promoting your tours in our website.
Best wishes and kind regards,
REVIEW №4- Carol
Hi Anna, thank you for the update on the glasses. I’ll wait and see what happens! Alan and I are now back in the UK. We loved our trip to the Pantanal and Bonito. Our guide, Alessandra was brilliant with lots of knowledge and very considerate and helpful. The only hitch we had was on our flight back to Rio because the second leg of the trip was cancelled and we were rescheduled to a later plane and our luggage was mislaid. Fortunately it arrived in Rio a day later, before we flew home. Thank you for arranging the trip.
Best wishes Carol
REVIEW №5- Stacey Robertson
Hello Anna and Natalia,
Thank you for all your help with our trip! I know our group was difficult, and I appreciate your patience with us. We loved the tours, the horseback ride, and the absolutely beautiful lunch at the vineyard. Our guides and drivers were fantastic, especially Luis. And the hotels were perfectly located. It was such a convenience to be centrally located in both Lisbon and Madeira.
I hope you enjoy a wonderful holiday and I look forward to working with you in the new year!
REVIEW №6- Maria Paz R. Alberto
Dear Anna
Greetings from Ark.
Allow me to thank you for the fun trip we had, it was very memorable. Your guide , Francisco and driver Ernesto
are very good, kind and knowledgeable.

Maria Paz R. Alberto
President Philippine IATA Travel Agents Associatio
REVIEW №7- Farzana
Dear Team,
Gaur x 5 are back home safely and they enjoyed the trip immensely. I would like to thank each of you for all your efforts and hard work.
Please to help me promote more can you send me a list of countries we can work on together so that I am aware for which all places I can come to you for help and planning ?
REVIEW №8- Stacey
Anna, I had a wonderful time. The guide, Aldinei, was incredible!
My husband and I would love your help planning future trips to Buenos Aires, Peru and the Azores in Portugal.
REVIEW №9- Matt, Adventurebug Worldwide Ltd.
Everything went really well. As always we had to make some adjustments and the local guide and team on the ground were very responsive and took action professionally. I have no complaints about this :)
The clients were very pleased with the tour and all arrangements.
Changing the few meals at the end on Isabela was not an issue and the local team did a good job organizing this for me.

Many thanks again Ana!


Adventurebug Worldwide Ltd.
REVIEW №10- Zhanna Zaitseva
Dear Juliana!

Dear Bianca!

Дорогая Анна!

Our 6 men-tourists have come today from your tour : Iguassu + Amazonia + Rio & Carnaval.

They are glad very much

Thank you for the tour!

Best regards,

Zhanna Zaitseva

"Indian Holiday"
REVIEW №11- Anna Zboranska
The brilliant excursions!
Dear Richele!

I am writing you with gratitude for organizing the brilliant excursions for our group of 16 people!

They came back from Brazil very happy and really satisfied!
So, many-many thanks to you and your wonderful team!
Looking forward to our next cooperation)

Kind Regards,

Anna Zboranska
Exotic Department

REVIEW №12- Evyn
Great tour!
This tour is amazing and shows you a lot of sights in Rio de Janeiro.
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