If you are interested in Central America history, Central American cultures, colonial history, ruins, you should go to Honduras. And you should do the same if your interests run more along the lines of beaches, nice architecture, great nightlife, natural parks of snorkeling. To put it simply, Honduras is one of those countries where anyone, regardless of what they’re interested in, will find something to like. If you haven’t given much thought to visit this interesting country before, here are top 11 reasons to visit Honduras that might just convince you. 

1. The Ocean

More specifically, the Caribbean Sea. Because part of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef – the world's second-longest – is off Honduras's eastern coast, the Honduran Caribbean flourishes with undersea life. The Bay Islands are famous for their Scuba diving (and snorkeling, if you're inclined to stay closer to the surface), and divers will likely spot dolphins, sea turtles, rays, sharks (typically the non-frightening kind), octopuses, squids, fish and coral of astounding variety, eels, and so much more. Best of all, whale sharks enters Bay Island waters yearly. They're the world's largest fish, and whale shark tours allow the chance for travelers to get up close and personal with them. 

2. The nature

Cusuco National Park is one of the most amazing and exotic parks in the world, and for many people it is the chief reason for traveling to Honduras. The park is incredibly varied in terms of flora, faun and landscape (the altitude ranges from sea level to almost 2500 meters), and trekking though its rainforests is an unforgettable experience. La Tigra National Park, Cerro Azul de Copán National Park or Montaña Santa Bárbara National Park are only a few of the many parks in Honduras.

3. Size and Diversity

Honduras is big – at least, in Central American terms. But it's not too large to see the highlights of in a couple weeks. As a vacation or travel destination, it's incredibly diverse, whether you're seeking forest adventures (Pico Bonito, Cerro Azul, Capiro-Calentura, Celaque), Mayan ruins (Copan), colonial cities (Gracias) or bumming around Caribbean islands. There's never a lack of things to do in Honduras. 

4. Maya ruins

Some of the most impressive and best preserved Maya ruins in Central America can be found in Copan, one of the former centers of Maya civilization. If you are interested in pre-Columbian art, then look no further than Copan – the stellae, the intricate hieroglyphs and the amazing Las Sepulturas that many people fail to visit – it is just (if not more) interesting than the larger complexes such as Chichen Itza.

5. The Prices

For the most part, Honduras travel is cheap. Super cheap. The most expensive destination in Honduras is Roatan, and even that's a major bargain compared to other Caribbean islands. Neighboring Utila islandis known as one of the most inexpensive places to achieve PADI Scuba certification in the world (it's where I was certified myself). Inland, travelers often enjoy sticker shock in the best way, especially if they shop locally and opt for local cuisine. I remember the time I bought something like two mangoes, a bunch of bananas, an avocado, some lychees and a pineapple for the equivalent of $1.25 US. 

6. The nightlife

Some say that the best nightlife in Honduras can be found in San Pedro Sula, which is indeed a great place to go out and party until morning, or to have a quieter time in a pleasant cafe and then go and catch a movie. But the other cities in Honduras also have a great deal to offer – Tegucigalpa for example has great rum and even better bars where to drink it, and even the quiet colonial towns of Comayagua or Cracias have a nice selection of small but entertaining bars.
Honduras is not the only great vacation spot in Central America. Browse the below deals and pick your favorite:

7. Copan

The town has a lot of tourist attractions and activities which capture the essence of Honduras. Simply put, your trip won’t be complete unless you stay here for a while. The Copan Mayan Ruins is the town’s main attraction. It is often regarded as one of the most impressive ruins of the ancient Mayan civilization. Copan ruinas, as what locals call it, is best known for its well-preserved sculptures. And yet Copan has a lot more to offer than just these ruins. For example, you have the choice to take a zip line tour over them.
Hacienda San Lucas is a 100-year old restaurant. The historic site is perched on a hill to provide you with great views of Copan. While you’re there, you might as well savour some local delicacies and wait for sunset. By nightfall, you can head for local bars and party until the wee hours of the morning. Horseback riding is also something you can do in Copan. Given all these sights and things to do, surely Copan is one of the top reasons to visit Honduras.

8. The food

Having not emphasized it earlier, Honduran cuisine is another good reason to visit the country. After a couple of meals you’ll notice that they usually use beans and rice since these two staple foods. But they also use a lot of fresh fruits, tortillas, sour cream, plantains, and eggs.

9. Pulhapanzak Waterfall

It is 30 feet shorter than the Niagara Falls but unlike Niagara, it offers free back massages. Yes, you can let the strong current falling down Pulhapanzak beat unto your back and even your head. It’s nature’s way of giving back. Even if you choose not to swim under the Pulhapanzak Waterfall, it’s a beautiful sight and one of the top reasons to visit Honduras.

10. Comayagua Street Carpets

During the week between Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday, the quiet colonial village of Comayagua bursts into a flurry of activity and color with its street carpet tradition. Made with layers of colored sawdust and other natural materials like rice and flower petals, the huge carpets are elaborately designed to depict Biblical figures and events leading up to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. The community then joins in a procession of reenacting the events of the crucifixion by walking on the carpets in costumes, carrying religious icons and reading from scripture. Even for non-religious visitors, the tradition is a must-do to see the artistic beauty of the carpets.

11. Lago de Yojoa 

A hot spot for many tourists, the largest natural lake in Honduras offers many things to see and do. With its abundance of fish and bird species, Lake Yojoa is ideal for fishing and birdwatching. Travelers can also enjoy dipping in nearby hot springs, exploring caves, hiking to stunning waterfalls, touring coffee plantations and investigating ancient Mayan ruins. What’s more, visitors will find plenty of restaurants and hotels in the lake area.

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