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Family holiday


Family Vacation

Tours for the whole family: relaxed beach holidays, adventures and quests, scuba diving, snorkeling, river rafting, horseback riding, exploring the Amazon and the Pantanal.

Tours with children in Latin America

Discover Latin America with Ada Tours!

Ada Tours knows how to organize an unforgettable family vacation. We've accumulated vast experience in working with families, and we know how to properly organize these types of travel logistics while still creating an exciting vacation, giving even the smallest clients an unforgettable experience too. Your children will have the thrill of a lifetime, cruising down the Amazon, in search of piranhas and caiman crocodiles, swimming with pink dolphins, turtles and rays. Touring the Amazon rainforest on a jungle safari, get acquainted with the tribes of the Amazon, search for wildlife, and immerse yourself in the flora and fauna of the region.
Experiences in South America for families are endless- from the roaring, gushing flow of the not-to-miss Iguazu Falls, to kayaking around the massive glaciers of Antarctica or at the impressive Perito Moreno Glacier in Patagonia, or exploring the fascinating Aztec and Mayan pyramids in Mexico and Guatemala. We will help you organize the best possible dream vacation for you and your family that they will never forget.