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Diving tours

Experience scuba diving holidays to top dive destinations like Mexico, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Brazil, Panama, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Honduras, Belize, and Colombia. These countries have thrilling dive spots for beginners and experienced certified divers, and dive experiences vary from country to country, and according to the type of diving you have in mind- from deep sea dives to river or lake diving, or even cave diving.

Diving tours to Latin America

Discover South America with Ada Tours!

Our highly experienced dive instructors will teach the basics to beginners and even children from 10 years and up who are looking to get certified. We will organize a dive trip for you (and snorkeling for the non-divers) with sharks, turtles, dolphins, manta rays and whale sharks, at the best spots for beginners or experienced divers, with only the best, reliable equipment and instructors and divemaster guides. The Caribbean Sea is famous for its spectacular diving, brightly colored corals, and multitudes of fish species to excite even the seasoned diver. A very unique diving experience is one not many can say they have done- diving the Amazon River basin, surrounded by its lush tropical rainforest, with the opportunity to see extraordinary creatures, like the pink dolphin, rare fish like the vampire fish, prehistoric reptiles, and the carnivorous piranhas. And between dives we will be happy to organize an excursion program through the Amazon rainforest, with our best guides who speak a variety of languages. Ada Tours, a Brazilian tour operator, covering all countries of South and Central America, will be happy to organize your dream dive trip.