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Motorcycle Tours

Explore a country by motorcycle with our enduro tours, highway tours or combined motorcycle tours, full or partial off-road, around Brazil, Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Patagonia, and Amazonia. Ada Tours will be happy to organize a very exciting and impressive motorcycle route through the countries of Central and South America.

Motorcycle Tours in Latin America

Discover Latin America with Ada Tours!

Some of the most exciting off-road enduro tours and the most beautiful places in the region are in the vast Amazon jungle of Peru and Brazil, the protected regions of the Pantanal tropical wetlands which is unrivaled for its wildlife, the stunning beauty of the Caribbean coast, the tropical jungles and volcanoes of Costa Rica, the stark arid Atacama Desert in Chile, the incredible scenery of the Uyuni Salt Flats in Bolivia, or taking the Pan-American highway from Mexico through South America via Ecuador, Panama, Peru, Chile, and to Argentina and its lakes region and the wine region of Mendoza, down south to the famous Patagonia, through the jagged rocky Mount Fitzroy to the massive glaciers of El Calafate, and from there to the world’s most southernmost city- Ushuaia (and the Tierra del Fuego archipelago) and its stunning unique scenery and wildlife, like the beautiful and intriguing penguin. Or, for a change of pace, take a drive along the epic route of the legendary Dakar Rally. If you choose a motorcycle tour in Brazil, we will guide you down picturesque roads from the vibrant and scenic city of Rio de Janeiro through the stunning coastal roads of Angra dos Reis and the charming colonial town of Paraty, and down to Brazil's largest city, São Paulo. Or start down south in the beautiful resort city of Florianopolis and head north, up through the historical state of Minas, a colonial mining area famous for its food and coffee plantations.