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Adventures, romance, surprises, an atmosphere of love, joy, and excitement- this is what our clients want when choosing a wedding venue, and when choosing us to organize their wedding.
Ada Tours has been organizing special events, customized and exotic trips, and group or couples celebrations for 15 years. We have extensive knowledge and experience in all of the destinations that we offer.
Whether it is a wedding in a nature setting, on the beach, a wedding proposal by helicopter, under the Christ statue in Rio de Janeiro, under the immense stars of the Chilean desert, memorable honeymoon trips, or special surprises, we put love into everything we organize, so you can count on an event you will be proud of.

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Wedding Ceremonies in Brazil with Ada Tours

wedding in Brazil by the Ada Tours wedding agency is an event and ceremony organized with love and special attention to subtle touches and details. A wedding abroad, even if it is a purely symbolic wedding ceremony, is an exciting event and we will make sure it is a special one. We will plan an unforgettable dream wedding- developing a style, an image, even scripts for your vows and toasts, for your wedding trip or your wedding ceremony while on your fabulous honeymoon. We organize beautiful wedding ceremonies that can be held on stunning beaches, on viewing platforms overlooking incredible sceneries, at breathtaking waterfalls, and even in the tropical jungle.