Located in the middle of a natural tropical environment, the Carimã Hotel provides its guests with all the comfort, structure and services of a real city: cinema, theatre, gardens, lake, sports courts, shops, etc. The Carimã Hotel embraces an area of 720,000 m2 and its facilities are really impressive, such as the 1,500 m2 lobby and the important capacity for events, conventions, meetings and parties. In an emergency situation, for example, this huge complex has the capacity to generate power of up to 900 KWA, what would be sufficient to illuminate a whole small town. The Carimã Hotel has been conceived to welcome tourists from all over the world and to host large events in an area comprising 6,000 m2 of lounges and other air conditioned facilities plus a complementing large room specially built to hold fairs, and crops, livestock or farming auctions. For all these reasons, the Carimã Hotel comes to be the biggest hotel in the Paraná State.

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