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Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras

Tegucigalpa is the capital of Honduras, founded in 1536, with a gold and silver mining center which winds around a valley and over the mountains. Tegucigalpa has a busy commercial area located along the Boulevard Morazán. This is where restaurants, shopping, and such provide a distraction for tourists and busy working individuals during their lunch breaks. Hotels here are only steps away to the hottest nightclub spots for those wishing to party it up after a long day.


Tours to Tegucigalpa

Downtown Tegucigalpa offers a unique view to the history of Honduras and many of the important historical points of interest in the country. Despite the fact that the colonial capital of the country was Comayagua until 1880, Tegucigalpa has a nice selection of historical buildings with plenty of history and unique architecture.


Excursions in Tegucigalpa

Vacation in Tegucigalpa

Tegucigalpa, a city of traditions!

Without doubt, the most outstanding building here is the Cathedral which is dedicated to the Patron Saint of Tegucigalpa, St. Michael Archangel. The Cathedral has recently been restored and is the pride of Downtown Tegucigalpa. It was built during Spanish Colonial rule between the years of 1765 and 1782, and its beautiful baroque altars are living proof to the importance that the silver mines of Tegucigalpa had to the Spanish rulers.
​It has largely preserved the flavor of the colonial era. One of the attractions of Tegucigalpa is the markets. They sell not only agricultural products, but also handicrafts: pottery, wicker baskets, carved wooden sculpture.