Paradise Bay

When it comes to Antarctic beauty, no place beats Paradise Bay. Located north of the Strait of Lemaire, you can see the Mammoth glaciers spearing out of the steel-blue sea and icebergs that have run aground lie shattered over the rocks like pulverized cathedrals. In the water covered by ice floes is easy to find whales, crabeater seals and gentoo penguins. The whole scene looks like the fantastic sculpture of some all-powerful ice spirit. When the sun is shining and the weather calm, you can meet this marvelous place by the Zodiac Cruising, a small inflatable craft (zodiacs) that ferry everyone around in Antarctica and is very popular.  Landings are not always made, but the glaciers and mountains reflect beautifully in the water and the serenity of the area is a highlight for many visitors - not for nothing did it earn its name.

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