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Colombia 2024: Coffee, Culture and Paradise Beaches

12days/ 11nights

Bogota – Zipaquira – Guatavita – Pereira (Coffee Triangle) – Cartagena





Colombia is a spicy blend of Andean, Caribbean, and Amazonian cultures!
A country with luxurious resorts and a plethora of natural attractions.
The capital, Bogota, is a modern city with a vibrant cultural and lively social life, featuring its most touristy area, La Candelaria, with colonial buildings, churches, and picturesque streets;
The beach city of Cartagena with its colorful Old Town, numerous narrow colonial streets, and "postcard" mansions;
Pereira, a dynamic, lively city that is one of the three cities making up the famous Colombian "Coffee Triangle," where a cup of excellent coffee awaits you practically at every step.

Day 1: Bogota

 Arrival at El Dorado International Airport, meet and transfer to the hotel. Accommodation at 4 Seasons Casa Medina Executive Suite. City Tour You are in for a panoramic tour of the historical center of Bogota, known as "La Candelaria." The next stop of the tour is a visit to the Gold Museum, where approximately 34,000 pre-Hispanic gold coins and more than 25,000 pre-Columbian exhibits are displayed. Later, we will explore Casa de La Moneda and the Botero Collection, featuring works by Fernando Botero, a globally recognized Colombian artist in the fields of painting, graphics, and sculpture. The tour concludes with a stroll in Bolivar Square: the Cathedral, Nariño's House (the presidency of Colombia), Lievano Palace (City Hall of Bogota), and the Palace of Justice. Ascent to Monserrate. Return to the hotel. Included: entrance ticket to the Gold Museum, Casa de La Moneda, and the Botero Collection, guide services, private transfer. Note: The Gold Museum is closed on Mondays, Casa de La Moneda, and Botero Collection are closed on Tuesdays. 

Day 2: Bogota-Pereira

Breakfast at the hotel. Transfer to El Dorado International Airport for a flight to Pereira (flight not included). Arrival in Pereira at Matecaña International Airport. Meeting. Salento and Cocora Valley The journey begins to the Cocora Valley, enjoying the beautiful landscape of this region. We will also visit the town of Salento. Upon arrival in Cocora Valley, we are welcomed with a cocktail (Canelazo) and the assistance of a specialized eco-guide from Cocora, who will introduce us to the Cocora Natural Reserve. After a hike, transfer to the Palm Forest, where we can appreciate the biodiversity of the region's flora and fauna, and walk along an ecological trail to the world's tallest wax palm and Colombia's national tree. Here, we perform the ritual of the wax palm "Kindio," during which we learn about the history of how indigenous people worshipped this palm. Planting of palm seedlings is also part of the experience. In the valley, you can engage in additional activities such as eco-horseback riding, walks to exclusive and unique places in the valley, enjoy a delicious typical lunch in a restaurant in Cocora Valley (not included), or witness an original coffee barista show in the town of Salento at Café Jesús Martín. Transfer to the typical town of Salento, where we will take a walking tour through its colonial streets, craft workshops, and the Cocora Viewpoint. At the appointed time, transfer to the hotel. 

“Coffee Experience”

 We will visit the El Ocaso coffee farm for a "coffee experience," located at an altitude of approximately 1500 meters above sea level on the volcanic soils of the Central mountain range of the Colombian Andes. The tour is led by a local expert who will show tourists the coffee planting process, selective manual harvesting. Afterward, we will roast coffee beans on fire in the kitchen of a typical country house, and then enjoy real coffee. During the tour, we will visit several stations with beautiful views of nature and savor a cup of aromatic coffee. The tour concludes with observing the coffee bean drying process and visiting the processing plant. The culmination of the tour will be a tasty coffee lemonade in the main house. Transfer to the hotel. Accommodation at VISUS Premium Suite. 

Day 3: Adventure day

 Pereira Hot Air Balloon Flight over the Coffee Valley Departure at 5 am for a hot air balloon flight over the awakening magical Coffee Valley. After the amazing flight, enjoy a second breakfast (not included) and transfer to the canopy adventure among the treetops. Horseback Riding in the Coffee Valley Transfer to the airport and departure to Cartagena. Transfer to the Sofitel Santa Clara Suite Jr Legend hotel. 

Day 4: Cartagena

 Breakfast at the hotel. The day begins with a city tour. We will drive through the residential neighborhoods of Bocagrande, Castillo Grande, and Manga. Enjoy a panoramic view of Cartagena and its harbor from the 150-meter hill of La Popa, where the 17th-century Santa Cruz Monastery is located, along with the magnificent image of the Holy Virgin of Candelaria. You will also visit the San Felipe de Barajas Castle, the most important military engineering construction of Spain in America, which defended the city against pirate attacks. At the end of the tour, return along Santander Avenue, where you can see the bastions and walls of the historic city center. Cartagena de Indias, the most popular city in Colombia, was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of the city surrounded by a wall. Even strolling through the narrow streets of the city, you can understand why Cartagena became a World Heritage Site. The city is divided into three zones: the Historic Center, where you can see the Clock Gate, Carrizal Square, San Pedro Square, the 16th-century Cathedral, Santo Domingo Square, Heredia Theater, and San Felipe de Barajas Fortress, the largest fortress ever built by the Spaniards. It was built from 1639 to 1762. The San Diego area, with its charming Santa Clara hotel, which used to be the St. Clare Convent; the Saint Catherine's Fortress, and the Getsemaní area, which used to be the slave district and now houses the Cartagena Conference Center and popular nightclubs. By carriage or on foot through the narrow streets of the city, you will experience true pleasure, feel the scents of the city, and the warm breeze at sunset, making Cartagena a romantic place for tourists and the most exciting hidden treasure in the Caribbean. Beneath the walls of the Old City of Cartagena is the Bovedas Market, a small area of souvenir shops built in the old cells of the former Cartagena prison. Each cell contains a small shop selling everything from hammocks to woven bags. 

Day 5: Cartagena - Isla del Rosario

 Breakfast at the hotel. An excursion-transfer awaits you. Transfer to Marina Santa Cruz. At the Pegasus pier, you will board a speedboat for a panoramic tour - a cruise through the bays of Cartagena and Boca Chica, where you can admire the beautiful landscape of the San Fernando and San Jose forts. You will sail along the San Fernando fort to Boca Chica. You will head towards the Baru and Rosario Islands. On the island, you will be greeted with a cocktail, and you will enjoy your stay here. The Rosario Island is home to the country's only National Underwater Park, covering an area of 19.5 thousand hectares. Diving enthusiasts from all over the world are attracted to the amazing and diverse underwater world: in the coastal waters, you can see various types of corals, sponges, crustaceans, mollusks, and numerous exotic fish species. You can also engage in diving, walking, kayaking in the mangroves, biking, massage, and visiting the Enkantada Lagoon. Transfer to your hotel on the island - Las Islas private pool sea-level bungalow. 

Days 6-8: Free days on the island

 Rest holiday on the island! Enjoy the amazing landscape, beautiful sea and excellent weather!

Day 9: Transfer to Cartagena

 Transfer to Cartagena by boat and to the airport. Flight to Bogotá. Transfer to 4 Seasons Executive Suite. 

Day 10: Bogotá

This day includes a visit to Lake Guatavita and a tour of the Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá. The duration of the excursion day with transfers is 9 hours. The transfer duration from Bogotá to Guatavita is 2 hours. Altitude – 3000 m. Average temperature - +19°C during the day, +9°C at night. Visit the center of the town of Guatavita. The excursion in the town is short since it's small (lasting 15 minutes). The eponymous lake is located 10 minutes from the town. The park tour lasts from 1 to 2 hours. This tour is an excellent combination of the two most important attractions in the vicinity of Bogotá. We head to the sacred Lake Guatavita, which has been and remains part of the sacred legend of El Dorado, the city of gold adorned with the treasures of the indigenous Muiscas, where gold had no value. This place has been sought for many years, but evidence of its existence has not yet been found. There is also an alternative legend of El Dorado, according to which this city is located in the Andes, near the lake. Thanks to this legend, the first conquistadors set out in search of this lake, and for some reason, which the guide will tell you about, this lake is Guatavita. Visit this mystical place and enjoy its beauty, history, stunning views, landscapes, and perhaps you will discover gold particles during a walk along the Indian trails. Note: The lake is closed to visitors on Mondays! Recommendations: Please wear sneakers, sportswear, a jacket, and bring an umbrella (Guatavita can be cool, and rain is possible). The guide will recommend a good restaurant for lunch (not included). The transfer duration from Guatavita to Zipaquirá is 2 hours. Altitude – 2600 m. Average temperature - +19°C during the day, +10°C at night. Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá In the afternoon, after lunch, we go to Zipaquirá. In Zipaquirá, we will visit the main square of the city and stroll through its beautiful and cozy streets. Then, by car or on foot, we head to the Salt Cathedral. The tour of the Salt Cathedral, which is open from 9 am, lasts about 2 hours. This beautiful cathedral is entirely carved out of salt and is unique in its kind. The cathedral is located underground at a depth of 180 meters. Here, away from everyday life, you can relax and get to know yourself. After the tour, we return to Bogotá. The transfer duration from Zipaquirá to Bogotá is 1.5 hours. 

Day 11. Bogotá – Medellín – Pablo Escobar Tour.

 Breakfast at the hotel. At the appointed time, transfer to the airport and flight to the charming city of Medellín. Upon arrival, you will be met and transferred to the hotel of your chosen category, marking the beginning of the city tour in the eternal spring. You will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the capital of Antioquia, the second most significant city in Colombia. Visit the Antioquia Museum and Botero Plaza, where you can appreciate the remarkable sculptures and artworks by Master Botero. You will also visit and appreciate the Palace of Culture and the Church of Veracruz, national monuments of Medellín. Enter the famous Communa 13, the cradle of the hired assassins of the drug lord Pablo Escobar, which a few years ago was one of the most dangerous communities in the city and today is a place full of colors, graffiti, culture, and the most visited by tourists from around the world. The tour begins in the Los Olivos neighborhood, where the house is located, in which security forces shot Pablo Escobar in a shootout, or according to one of the legends, he shot himself. Then, tourists will visit the ruins of the Dallas building - the business center where Escobar began his trading operations. On one of the walls of the building, the inscription "Pablo lives!!!" is preserved. One of the points on the route is the Montesacro cemetery, where the drug lord himself, his brother, and parents are buried. The Monaco building is also visited. In Colombia, the emergence of a tourist route associated with the name of Pablo Escobar has been perceived ambiguously. The country, wanting to rid itself of the legacy of the drug war of the 80s and fighting against guerrillas, is taking huge steps towards returning to peaceful life. Therefore, the authorities of Medellín urge to refrain from excessive idealization of the image of the biggest criminal of his time. Then, we will continue the visit to the Castle Museum, built in 1930, a well-known place with its collections of works of art and beautiful gardens. The Charelee Envy Suite 

Day 12. Medellín – Helicopter Tour – Bogotá

An unforgettable flight over the most beautiful reservoir, Peñol-Guatapé, and the fairy-tale rock El Peñón de Guatapé. At 08:30, take a flight to Guatapé y Peñol. During the flight, you will witness the beauty of the Peñol-Guatapé reservoir and the power of the El Peñón de Guatapé rock. The town of Guatapé is comfortably situated on the shore of this picturesque reservoir with emerald water, intricately carved coastline, and numerous small islands. Here, you can take a boat, yacht, or motorboat ride, as well as ride a water bike, kayak, jet ski, and water ski. The famous Colombian monolith "El Peñón de Guatapé" – the only large-sized rock in the world on the surface of the earth – is located between the towns of El Peñol and Guatapé, and each of them considers it their landmark, attracting tourists. Therefore, the rock was named by combining the names of the towns so that no one would be offended. The height of the rock is 220 meters, with an additional 2/3 of the rock below ground. It is believed to be over 70 million years old. Since the 1940s, El Peñón de Guatapé has been under state protection. The first ascent was made in 1954 and took 5 days. In these places, the Tahamis Indians lived, considering the rock sacred and calling it "muharra," which means "stone." The Tahamis worshipped the fish Batolito, which, according to legend, leaped out of the sea to protect them from the wrath of the heavenly gods. In battle, it turned to stone and became El Peñón de Guatapé. The rock rises alone among low hills, making it look particularly imposing. After landing, the helicopter, which will be waiting for you for 2 hours, continues the tour on the reservoir. The reservoir tour (with waiting time on land - 2 hours without additional charge) is included: airport fees, insurance policy. Return flight to Medellín and departure to Bogotá. According to the schedule, it's time to fly back home.




- Accommodation according to the program
- Excursions according to the program
- Guide service during the tours
- Transfers
Not included:
- Additional excursions
- Personal expenses
- Tips
*The host has the right to change the hotels indicated in the program to other hotels of the same category.

*The host party reserves the right to change the order of excursions, subject to the tour program.

*The host is not responsible for missed breakfasts in hotels when checking out early in the morning in case of an early flight or excursion
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REVIEW №1- Stacey
Pantanal and Bonito were fantastic. We loved all the tours and our driver was wonderful.
Thanks for a great trip!
REVIEW №2- Sandra Fahed Eliane
Hello ANNA!
I didn’t have the chance to thank you yet, for all your efforts, I had received very good reviews about all the package from my clients and they were satisfied thanks again for everything,

Kisses and hugs from Beirut ????
REVIEW №3- Shamali De Vaz

Dear Anna, Alexandra, Iona and the rest of the team at Ada Tours
Feed-back from a happy, satisfied customer!
A very big thank you for your very efficient services, Hospitality and most importantly your patience throughout the tour of my client. Dr. Chrysantha Mendis is very happy with the entire Tour. You did a fantastic job by organizing a detailed tour package covering 7 countries, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Chile, Peru, Argentina, and Brazil. Dr. Mendis has enjoyed all the countries though he could not do a few tours in Peru which is understandable due to political unrest. We will recommend Ada Tours to all our clients in Sri Lanka and will start promoting your tours in our website.
Best wishes and kind regards,
REVIEW №4- Carol
Hi Anna, thank you for the update on the glasses. I’ll wait and see what happens! Alan and I are now back in the UK. We loved our trip to the Pantanal and Bonito. Our guide, Alessandra was brilliant with lots of knowledge and very considerate and helpful. The only hitch we had was on our flight back to Rio because the second leg of the trip was cancelled and we were rescheduled to a later plane and our luggage was mislaid. Fortunately it arrived in Rio a day later, before we flew home. Thank you for arranging the trip.
Best wishes Carol
REVIEW №5- Stacey Robertson
Hello Anna and Natalia,
Thank you for all your help with our trip! I know our group was difficult, and I appreciate your patience with us. We loved the tours, the horseback ride, and the absolutely beautiful lunch at the vineyard. Our guides and drivers were fantastic, especially Luis. And the hotels were perfectly located. It was such a convenience to be centrally located in both Lisbon and Madeira.
I hope you enjoy a wonderful holiday and I look forward to working with you in the new year!
REVIEW №6- Maria Paz R. Alberto
Dear Anna
Greetings from Ark.
Allow me to thank you for the fun trip we had, it was very memorable. Your guide , Francisco and driver Ernesto
are very good, kind and knowledgeable.

Maria Paz R. Alberto
President Philippine IATA Travel Agents Associatio
REVIEW №7- Farzana
Dear Team,
Gaur x 5 are back home safely and they enjoyed the trip immensely. I would like to thank each of you for all your efforts and hard work.
Please to help me promote more can you send me a list of countries we can work on together so that I am aware for which all places I can come to you for help and planning ?
REVIEW №8- Stacey
Anna, I had a wonderful time. The guide, Aldinei, was incredible!
My husband and I would love your help planning future trips to Buenos Aires, Peru and the Azores in Portugal.
REVIEW №9- Matt, Adventurebug Worldwide Ltd.
Everything went really well. As always we had to make some adjustments and the local guide and team on the ground were very responsive and took action professionally. I have no complaints about this :)
The clients were very pleased with the tour and all arrangements.
Changing the few meals at the end on Isabela was not an issue and the local team did a good job organizing this for me.

Many thanks again Ana!


Adventurebug Worldwide Ltd.
REVIEW №10- Zhanna Zaitseva
Dear Juliana!

Dear Bianca!

Дорогая Анна!

Our 6 men-tourists have come today from your tour : Iguassu + Amazonia + Rio & Carnaval.

They are glad very much

Thank you for the tour!

Best regards,

Zhanna Zaitseva

"Indian Holiday"
REVIEW №11- Anna Zboranska
The brilliant excursions!
Dear Richele!

I am writing you with gratitude for organizing the brilliant excursions for our group of 16 people!

They came back from Brazil very happy and really satisfied!
So, many-many thanks to you and your wonderful team!
Looking forward to our next cooperation)

Kind Regards,

Anna Zboranska
Exotic Department

REVIEW №12- Evyn
Great tour!
This tour is amazing and shows you a lot of sights in Rio de Janeiro.
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