León City Tour
We will visit Old León, Spaniards conquerors founded the original town of León which has been ruined and covered with the ash of the Momotombo Volcano eruption in 1610. Nowadays the ruins of Old León have been declared by the UNESCO World Heritage. During this trip you will get to admire the Pacific Volcanic Chain of Nicaragua and the marvelous panoramic scenic of Lake Managua. We continue our trip to the colonial city of León, with the intellectual cradle Father of Modernism and the Prince of Castilian letters, the great poet Rubén Darío. Also we will visit The Cathedral which has been declared by the UNESCO World Heritage Site, where we will witness the expression of architecture which has been through a transition from Baroque to Neoclassical. The main churches La Recoleccion and Calvary will also be visited as well as the Museums in León.

Included in the price:
• Private car
• Bilingual guide

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León City Tour


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