A fast-paced cosmopolitan cocktail, Caracas is tough, but charming.Surrounded by green forested hills, Caracas squeezes the tremendously wealthy and the desperately poor into a single chaotic city. This fascinating disorder is reflected in the gravity-defying skyscrapers in the center, and in the teetering shantytowns covering the surrounding hills.
Caracas isnt a romatic city, though it can romance the more intrepid traveler. Pollution, poverty and overpopulation may initially overwhelm your attention but, on a closer look, the city has a wealth of international cuisine, plush hotels, theaters, fashion, museums, shopping and nightlife.

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Venezuela 2022: Canaima and Los Roques National Parks

Canaima National Park – Los Roques National Park6 days /5 nightsPrice per pax: ½ DBL 3220   USD..