Historical city tour in Rio de Janeiro

We'll head downtown into the city center. Once Rio de Janeiro was dicovered by the Portuguese who thought the Guanabara Bay was a river (Rio). It was in January (Janeiro). Guess where the name comes from. There is much to show and to tell about the Royal Palace where the King of Portugal lived when he flew from Napoleon pressing him away from Europe, where he ruled over Portugal and Brazil ( we'll show you the window from which Princess Izabel abolished slavery) tell you the history of all the great adventures of the conquerors, the kings, the slaves, the heroes and the country in general. We'll head for the house of the flower-fruit girl Carmen Miranda, visit the colorful Selaron Stairs mozaic, impressive San Bento monastery, the modern Cathedral and of course we'll pay a visit to the Sambodrome where the worlds' biggest party of Carnival is held and the famous Maracana Stadium that just hosted the World Cup finals. On the way there are some delightful Brazilian restaurants and typical delicacies you can try to keep up your energy.

Duration: 4 hours

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Historical city tour in Rio de Janeiro


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