If you're looking for the 'real' Mexico, this is the place to find it. Known by tequila, mariachi music, sombreros, charreadas (rodeos) and the Mexican Hat Dance, cosmopolitan Guadalajara is the place to immerse yourself in Mexican culture. Part of Guadalajara's appeal is that it has many of the attractions of Mexico City - a vibrant culture, fine museums and galleries, a lively nightlife and great food - but few of the capital's problems. It's modern, well-organized and unpolluted, with enough attractions to please every visitor.
In its most traditional part, Guadalajara is synonymous with mariachi, folklore, charrería, tequila and citizens who receive their visitors with great human warmth. The illustrious capital of the state of Jalisco counts with the kindness and charm of its inhabitants, the excellent climate throughout the year and its beautiful avenues adorned with lush groves making the city a very pleasant place to be. Being in Guadalajara is living a large and modern metropolis imbued with traditional Mexican flavor.

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Colonial Jewels of Mexico 2023

Many people decide to go to Mexico for its amazing beaches and for the chance to relax and have some fun but, there is so much more than that and Mexico is so much more than a pretty crystal water beach! Among the possible ways of visiting and living a trip to Mexico, one is represented by the colonial cities, which allow us to discover a new ..


Mexico 2022: Colonial Treasures & Puerto Vallarta

10 days/9 nightsThe price of the program is per person in USD: Colonial Treasures & Puerto Vallarta Hotels 1 Pax 2Pax 3Pax Majestic + Monte Verde + Casa Sangre De Cristo + Casino Plaza + Samba Vallarta + Plaza Morelia $ 3803 $ 3282 ..