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La Paz


La Paz, the paradise city of Mexico!

The paradise capital of the state of Southern California on the shore of the largest bay of the Gulf of California lives a leisurely life, has beautiful beaches and beautiful sunsets. Along the coast stretches a 5-km boulevard with many hotels and restaurants.


Tours to La Paz

La Paz appeared thank to the conquistador Hernan Cortez, and its prosperity to the abundance of pearls in the coastal waters. In the XIX century, the city was a leader in the international pearl market, but in the middle of the XX century, due to too intensive mining, the shoals became impoverished. Today La Paz is popular as one of the best places in the world for sport fishing.


Excursions to La Paz

Various activities in La Paz

La Paz, an ideal center of tourism!

In the local waters, you can see such representatives of marine fauna as the hammerhead shark and the giant stingray. Also in this area are ideal places for hiking and ecotourism, such as Puerto Balanda and the Sierra de la Laguna Biosphere Reserve. La Paz is home to important architectural monuments of Mexico's historical and cultural past, such as the Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin of Lapasa, the Regional Museum of Natural History or the Biblioteca de las Californias. In La Paz there are many bars, discos and restaurants with delicious seafood cuisine.