Jeep Tour – Paths of the Royal Road

In a jeep without a hood, we will leave for one of the districts Petrópolis, mountainous region of Rio de Janeiro. Whose occupation is older than the foundation of the city itself, dating from the middle of the 18th century, in the times of colonial Brazil. The village of Secretario is part of a variant of Caminho Novo da Estrada Real, which connected Rio de Janeiro to the region of gold mines and grape varieties in Minas Gerais. The route, which was followed by drovers and pack animals, started at the bottom of the Guanabara Bay in the extinct Porto da Estrela, went up the Serra, crossing the interior of what is now the city of Petrópolis and followed by Secretary, Fagundes and Sebollas towards Paraíba do Sul, where they followed the original path. The Secretary of the Governor was granted a sesmaria, which gave rise to the Secretary's Sesmaria and which, years later, the then Prince D. Pedro I started to use this same path towards the Mines, often staying at the Secretary's Farm. The opening of this new route soon gave the place a great movement, valuing the nearby lands and motivating influential people of the time to request the king of Portugal to hold dates and land (sesmarias) in the region. The first stop will be to enjoy and taste the delicacies of a small factory producing homemade artisan sweets, jellies, preserves and jams, always so fresh that they will whet your papillae in an explosion of flavor and quality. Then the jeep will take you through the nature full of flowers and green forest to the delicate local Church that is close to the museum dedicated to Tiradentes, our martyr, who has repeatedly used this same route in his comings and goings between Rio de Janeiro. Janeiro and Minas, in the articulation of Inconfidência Mineira. You will hear reports in the village that parts of his once-quartered remains were exposed in the region as a way of reminding the population of what happened to the traitors of the cora. Back in the jeep, take the opportunity to enjoy the scenery and photograph the exuberant nature, the famous Maria Cumprida mountain that has repeatedly been highlighted in national news, the huge farms that border the road and the region's remarkable heat. The landing will now be in the winery's tasting room, where the sommelier and winemaker will tell you the history and history of the winery, while you enjoy this elegant delicacy with lovely aromas and flavors. When you return to the jeep, fasten your seat belt and hold tight to cross the trail that leads to the vineyard, when you arrive, walk between the varieties of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah savoring their fine grapes. It will be impossible not to feel the strong connection with the famous European productions, which served as inspiration for this viticulture. Right now I imagine you're already hungry, don't you? But

don't worry, in about 10 minutes you will reach a cozy restaurant with that typical country menu, where the meal is prepared on the wood stove, well seasoned and delicious. After well fed and some time to relax, time to board the jeep for the last destination of this delicious tour! We will continue to the heart of the village, in the corner of the fabulous cheese factory. You will come across an incredible, cutting edge structure and you will certainly be surprised by the high standard of hygiene and the quality of the different types of cheese processed here. After visiting the milking pen and exploring the stages of production, a cheese tasting will be offered, usually accompanied by toast and jams from the region. There is also a small shop attached to the factory where you can combine a good wine or other drinks with your tasting. In addition to these attractions, the village has many other charms, which can be customized on your tour according to your profile or that of your group, making this a sensational experience. They are trails ofmountain biking, hiking the historic ‘shortcut to Proença’, horseback riding, diverse restaurants, visiting the dog house for adoption, crafts, social projects and much more ... Don't forget to wear suitable shoes, take your sunglasses, good old sunscreen, repellent and a jacket for the return, because when the sun goes down the road can be quite wet and cold.

Pick up at the edge of Leblon, Ipanema, Copacabana, Leme (SOUTH ZONE)

- It can be in São Conrado, Barra da Tijuca - Petrópolis and Itaipava.








*Minimum of 04 pax


Local guide, pick up & drop off, all tickets entrance & fees.

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Jeep Tour – Paths of the Royal Road


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