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Exploring Argentina

16 days/ 15 nights

Buenos Aires - – Trelew – Puerto Madryn - Ushuaia - El Calafate -Iguazú





Buenos Aires, with its vibrant culture, rich history, and charming neighborhoods, is a captivating introduction to the diverse tapestry of Argentina.
Trelew and Puerto Madryn offer a gateway to the wild beauty of the Patagonian coast, where rugged landscapes meet the vast expanse of the Atlantic Ocean.
Ushuaia, nestled amidst the dramatic scenery of Tierra del Fuego, is renowned as the "End of the World," where adventurers embark on thrilling expeditions and soak in the pristine wilderness.
El Calafate serves as a gateway to the majestic glaciers of Los Glaciares National Park, where travelers marvel at the awe-inspiring Perito Moreno Glacier.
Iguazú, with its breathtaking waterfalls and lush rainforests, immerses visitors in the raw power and natural splendor of one of the world's most spectacular natural wonders.

Day 1: Oct 03 | Buenos Aires

Arrival at Ezeiza International Airport. Our staff will be waiting for your reception and private transfer service to Hotel Dazzler.

Day 2: Oct 04 | Buenos Aires

Breakfast. Half day excursion through the city of Buenos Aires, where you can learn about part of our history and enjoy the architectural legacy left by our ancestors, such as: Plaza de Mayo, the typical neighborhood of La Boca (formerly the natural port of the city, where at the end of the 19th century a thriving and growing Italian community with a preponderance of Genovese origin began to settle), "Caminito" (a street declared a Museum, with its colorful houses), San Telmo (the historic quarter of the city) and pass almost without realizing it to Puerto Madero, the newest neighborhood where you will find plenty of restaurants with international cuisine. Continuing the tour you will reach Recoleta, for several decades the most prestigious neighborhood. It is distinguished by its old buildings which represent a summary of the European architecture of the last century, and for its intense life given by the neighbors and tourists who stroll through its glamorous streets. Here you can visit the distinguished cemetery of great architectural value. The circuit ends in Palermo neighborhood, highly valued for its green areas that form the lung of Buenos Aires. At the end of the tour, we will return to a point near the hotel.

Day 3: Oct 05 | Buenos Aires – Trelew – Puerto Madryn

Breakfast. Private transfer service to the Airport to board Aerolineas Argentinas Flight. Reception and regular transfer to Puerto Madryn. Accommodation at Hotel Dazzler Puerto Madryn. Sea View room.

Day 4: Oct 06 | Puerto Madryn

Breakfast. Full day excursion to Península de Valdés. We leave early in the morning to Península Valdés Natural Reserve, declared a Natural World Heritage by UNESCO. After an hour's drive we arrive at the picturesque ecological village of Puerto Pirámides to embark on the Traditional Right Whale Watching. Lunch (not included) will be scheduled in Puerto Pirámides or Caleta Valdés. We will travel along the southern area of the Peninsula crossing wide landscapes of grasslands and undulations, passing by the Salinas Grande and Chica, and around Punta Delgada, which is the southern end of the peninsula. We continue towards Punta Cantor to admire the Atlantic coast and the fascinating geological formation known as Caleta Valdes. These beaches are often inhabited by southern elephant seals, the largest seals on the planet. We start our return journey making a stop at the Carlos Ameghino Interpretation Center, a compilation of the peninsula's natural wealth. During the excursion we have great chances to observe terrestrial wildlife, such as guanacos, choiques, foxes, maras, armadillos and skunks. Return to the hotel.

Day 5: Oct 07 | Puerto Madryn

Breakfast. Full day excursion to El Pedral Penguin Colony (this excursion only takes place from September 15 to April 15). It is an authentic experience with Magellanic Penguins. Here you can visit the Punta Ninfas Lighthouse, discover the gastronomy of Patagonia tasting an excellent Patagonian roasted lamb, and admire the great extensions of the Patagonian landscape over the sea. Estancia El Pedral is a place to fall in love with. Return to the hotel.

Day 6: Oct 08 | Puerto Madryn-Trelew– Ushuaia

Regular transfer service to the Airport to board Aerolineas Argentinas Flight. Reception and regular transfer to Hotel Fueguino.

Day 7: Oct 09 | Ushuaia

Breakfast. In the morning, excursion to Tierra del Fuego National Park. Our friendly guides offer a serene and detailed visit to all the beautiful and relevant places of the National Park. The tour departs from your hotel and includes lunch and drinks in a panoramic and serene place, the Cormorant Archipelago area in a large dining tent. After a 25 to 40 minute drive from the hotel, within the Tierra del Fuego National Park, you will arrive at Ensenada Zaratiegui, also known as "Ensenada Bay". There, where the post office of the end of the world is located, you will take a short circular walk along the beach and through the forest, getting views of Isla Redonda and the Chilean coast, on the other side of the Beagle Channel. The guide will provide an itinerary full of information that covers all the panoramic and interesting points of the National Park. We will also visit Lapataia Bay, at the end of all the roads to America. We will also see the Lapataia and Ovando rivers, the Laguna Verde and Lake Acigami (called Lake Roca for a short time). In the afternoon, sailing through the Beagle Channel to Isla de los Lobos and Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse (known as the Lighthouse at the End of the World). This excursion starts at the local tourist pier, from where you set off to sail across the wide Ushuaia Bay until you reach the Beagle Channel. There we sail around the Isla de los Pájaros (Birds Island): where you can appreciate the Fuegian avifauna, observing Skuas, Black-browed Albatrosses, Steamer Ducks, Geese, Kelp Gulls and Grey Gulls; and the Isla de los Lobos (Sea Lions Island): where you can find the one and two haired sea lions. Arriving at Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse (The Illuminators), colonies of Imperial Cormorants and Rock Cormorants can be seen. Throughout the tour, the guide not only refers to the characteristics of each of the species sighted and the geography of the place, but also explains the historical importance of this maritime passage in the emergence of the city. On the way back to the city, the view of the mountain range that surrounds Ushuaia and the splendid nature that surrounds it is amazing. It is a journey of great historical and scenic value. Transfer not included.

Day 8: Oct 10 | Ushuaia

Breakfast. Full day excursion Off Road Lakes in 4 x 4. After breakfast, with the first rays of the sun, we will venture into a full day Safari, in all terrain vehicles with lunch included. The journey will allow us to connect in a different way with the most remote landscapes of the island of Tierra del Fuego. Along trails and crossing streams, we will reach the imposing shore of Lake Fagnano, where we will be able to take a moment to contemplate this extraordinary place and its particular energy. From there, the vehicles will begin to travel on roads of difficult access (off-road) offering views of unparalleled beauty. Then we will start trekking through the forest to Escondido Lake, where there is a mountain refuge. As we walk along the shore we will observe the beaver community, their constructions and dams, creating a habitat to house their family. In this wonderful environment, we will enjoy a barbecue in the best Argentine style, accompanied with Malbec wine, and the opportunity to relax, share talks and replenish energy. Return to the hotel.

Day 9: Oct 11 |Ushuaia - El Calafate

Regular transfer service to the Airport to board Aerolineas Argentinas Flight. Reception and regular transfer to Calafate Parque hotel.

Day 10: Oct 12 | El Calafate

Breakfast. Regular full day excursion to the walkways of the Perito Moreno Glacier, including the navigation "Safari Nautico". Departure from the hotel to travel 80 km to reach the entrance of Los Glaciares National Park, declared Natural Heritage by UNESCO, since it preserves an extensive area of the continental ice field from which the Moreno, Onelli, Agassi and Upsala glaciers descend. The most amazing is the Perito Moreno, which expands over the waters of Lake Argentino and has a 5 kilometers wide and 70 meters high wall, with colors that vary from immaculate white to turquoise. The Panoramic Point is the beginning of a downward walk along the walkways located in front of the glacier. From there you will enjoy the immensity of the landscape and you will be able to hear the sounds of the ice constantly falling, a spectacle not to be missed! The excursion continues with the "NAUTICAL SAFARI", a navigation along the Rico arm of Lake Argentino that lasts approximately 1 hour and offers the possibility of "living" the glacier more closely. Once in front of the wall, the boat stops for a few minutes to contemplate its immensity and beauty. Return to the hotel.

Day 11: Oct 13 | El Calafate

Breakfast. Day off. Optional excursions: Option 1: Glaciares Gourmet, Full day excursion sailing Lake Argentino "Glaciares Gourmet Experience", on the cruise ship Maria Turquesa. The Patagonian Ice Field is, after Antarctica, the largest ice field on the planet. This excursion will take you to some places of this Patagonian landscape, sailing in the highest comfort and with gourmet cuisine specially designed for a memorable experience. After boarding at La Soledad Private Port (60 km. from Calafate), we will sail across Lake Argentino towards the glaciers of the National Park. We disembark at Puesto de Las Vacas for an interesting walk where we will learn about the history of its discovery and its characteristics. The tour continues navigating through the channels of the Upsala and Perito Moreno Glaciers. Box lunch on board, which includes lamb sandwich with side dishes, dessert and non-alcoholic beverage. In the afternoon, return to the hotel, Option 2: Full day lake excursion Todo Glaciares. From the Punta Bandera Port, 47 km from El Calafate, we start sailing along the North Arm of Lake Argentino. We cross the Boca del Diablo to the Upsala Channel and to navigate among the large icebergs that detach from the front of the Upsala Glacier. Then we enter the Spegazzini Channel and moments later we will have the first view of the Seco Glacier. We continue sailing to the front of the Spegazzini Glacier where we will also contemplate the Heim Sur and Peineta glaciers. We prepare to disembark at Spegazzini Base and begin our visit to the area by walking through the forest trail to the Spegazzini Refuge. This 300-meter trail has unparalleled views of the Glacier Bay, along the way we can enjoy thematic stations and viewpoints. Return to Puerto Bandera and transfer to the hotel.

Day 12: Oct 14 | El Calafate-Buenos Aires – Iguazú

Breakfast. regular transfer service to the Airport to board Aerolineas Argentinas Flight. Reception and regular transfer to Hotel Mercure Iguazú Irú.

Day 13: Oct 15| Iguazú

Breakfast. Regular excursion to the Falls on the Argentine side. The excursion starts at the hotel where you are staying. From there you will head to the entrance of the Iguazu National Park. From the visitor's center you will take the "jungle train", an ecological train that plunges into the jungle of Misiones, to the "Garganta del Diablo" station, where the walkway to one of the most impressive landscapes of Argentina begins, right in front of the waterfall that gives its name to the station: La Garganta del Diablo, is an indescribable waterfall for its beauty and energy that thrills everyone! Unmissable! The tour continues to the next station " Cataratas" where you can take the "Paseo Superior" (Upper Walk) with a distance of 500 meters or the "Paseo Inferior" (Lower Walk), a set of walkways that allow you to appreciate this natural wonder from another angle. Return to the hotel. Since December 2023, due to the extraordinary flooding of the Iguazú River, the walkways leading to Devil's Throat have been destroyed. The visit to the lower and upper walkways continues normally. Keep in mind that by not visiting Garganta del Diablo the total visit to the Park is reduced. This will apply until further notice. At the end of the visit to the National Park, a cultural and historical immersion in the Yerba Mate tradition will be included at the Yabuticaba - Rainforest Market. To complement this unforgettable tour, we recommend hiring "The Great Adventure: baptism at the Falls": it is a combination of a nautical tour, which is done in Zodiac boats, where you will travel 6 km along the lower Iguazú River, passing through the rapids, to then enter the Garganta del Diablo Canyon, and a ride in open four-wheel drive vehicles through the jungle, with the opportunity to appreciate the flora and, if luck is on your side, the fauna of the place. For this excursion it is recommended to bring insect repellent, sneakers and comfortable clothes. Return to the hotel.

Day 14: Oct 16 Iguazú

Breakfast. Regular excursion to the Brazilian side of the falls. Departure from the hotel to Foz do Iguazu National Park. The visited area is made up of a unique 950-meter long footbridge circuit, which is located on the banks of the Iguazu River, offering a truly impressive panoramic view of all the falls. The tour culminates at the viewpoint of La Garganta del Diablo, where the sound of the falling water thrills the visitor. Return to the hotel.

Day 15: Oct 17 | Iguazu – Buenos Aires

Regular transfer service to the Airport to board Aerolineas Argentinas Flight. Reception and private transfer to the Hotel Dazzler. At night and as a finishing touch to the trip, a Tango Dinner Show is included, the best way to experience TANGO in all its splendor. Under the direction of an orchestra that brings together renowned masters, a cast of professional dancers and singers worthy of the tango capital steal the show. Dinner includes appetizer, starter, main course, dessert and drinks. Return to the hotel.

Day 16: Oct18 | Buenos Aires – End of the trip

Transfer service to the Airport to board international Flight to Brazil



- 15 nights accommodation with breakfast and taxes,
- Entrance fees to National Parks,
- All transfers and excursions detailed in regular service,
- All domestic flights with Aerolineas Argentinas with taxes, fuel and fees included.
Not included:
- Echo taxes to be paid per night per passenger at check out (Iguazú: USD 3, Buenos Aires City tax USD 1..5y).
- Medical insurance and trip cancellation.
- Extras and non mentioned services in the itinerary.
*The host has the right to change the hotels indicated in the program to other hotels of the same category.

*The host party reserves the right to change the order of excursions, subject to the tour program.

*The host is not responsible for missed breakfasts in hotels when checking out early in the morning in case of an early flight or excursion
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Tour Gallery


REVIEW №1- Stacey
Pantanal and Bonito were fantastic. We loved all the tours and our driver was wonderful.
Thanks for a great trip!
REVIEW №2- Sandra Fahed Eliane
Hello ANNA!
I didn’t have the chance to thank you yet, for all your efforts, I had received very good reviews about all the package from my clients and they were satisfied thanks again for everything,

Kisses and hugs from Beirut ????
REVIEW №3- Shamali De Vaz

Dear Anna, Alexandra, Iona and the rest of the team at Ada Tours
Feed-back from a happy, satisfied customer!
A very big thank you for your very efficient services, Hospitality and most importantly your patience throughout the tour of my client. Dr. Chrysantha Mendis is very happy with the entire Tour. You did a fantastic job by organizing a detailed tour package covering 7 countries, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Chile, Peru, Argentina, and Brazil. Dr. Mendis has enjoyed all the countries though he could not do a few tours in Peru which is understandable due to political unrest. We will recommend Ada Tours to all our clients in Sri Lanka and will start promoting your tours in our website.
Best wishes and kind regards,
REVIEW №4- Carol
Hi Anna, thank you for the update on the glasses. I’ll wait and see what happens! Alan and I are now back in the UK. We loved our trip to the Pantanal and Bonito. Our guide, Alessandra was brilliant with lots of knowledge and very considerate and helpful. The only hitch we had was on our flight back to Rio because the second leg of the trip was cancelled and we were rescheduled to a later plane and our luggage was mislaid. Fortunately it arrived in Rio a day later, before we flew home. Thank you for arranging the trip.
Best wishes Carol
REVIEW №5- Stacey Robertson
Hello Anna and Natalia,
Thank you for all your help with our trip! I know our group was difficult, and I appreciate your patience with us. We loved the tours, the horseback ride, and the absolutely beautiful lunch at the vineyard. Our guides and drivers were fantastic, especially Luis. And the hotels were perfectly located. It was such a convenience to be centrally located in both Lisbon and Madeira.
I hope you enjoy a wonderful holiday and I look forward to working with you in the new year!
REVIEW №6- Maria Paz R. Alberto
Dear Anna
Greetings from Ark.
Allow me to thank you for the fun trip we had, it was very memorable. Your guide , Francisco and driver Ernesto
are very good, kind and knowledgeable.

Maria Paz R. Alberto
President Philippine IATA Travel Agents Associatio
REVIEW №7- Farzana
Dear Team,
Gaur x 5 are back home safely and they enjoyed the trip immensely. I would like to thank each of you for all your efforts and hard work.
Please to help me promote more can you send me a list of countries we can work on together so that I am aware for which all places I can come to you for help and planning ?
REVIEW №8- Stacey
Anna, I had a wonderful time. The guide, Aldinei, was incredible!
My husband and I would love your help planning future trips to Buenos Aires, Peru and the Azores in Portugal.
REVIEW №9- Matt, Adventurebug Worldwide Ltd.
Everything went really well. As always we had to make some adjustments and the local guide and team on the ground were very responsive and took action professionally. I have no complaints about this :)
The clients were very pleased with the tour and all arrangements.
Changing the few meals at the end on Isabela was not an issue and the local team did a good job organizing this for me.

Many thanks again Ana!


Adventurebug Worldwide Ltd.
REVIEW №10- Zhanna Zaitseva
Dear Juliana!

Dear Bianca!

Дорогая Анна!

Our 6 men-tourists have come today from your tour : Iguassu + Amazonia + Rio & Carnaval.

They are glad very much

Thank you for the tour!

Best regards,

Zhanna Zaitseva

"Indian Holiday"
REVIEW №11- Anna Zboranska
The brilliant excursions!
Dear Richele!

I am writing you with gratitude for organizing the brilliant excursions for our group of 16 people!

They came back from Brazil very happy and really satisfied!
So, many-many thanks to you and your wonderful team!
Looking forward to our next cooperation)

Kind Regards,

Anna Zboranska
Exotic Department

REVIEW №12- Evyn
Great tour!
This tour is amazing and shows you a lot of sights in Rio de Janeiro.
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