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Coban,Maya spot!

Coban is the starting point for excursions to the magnificent nature of the Alta Verapas area. The city is developing so rapidly that anyone visiting it, even after a year, will be surprised by its change. At the entrance to the city there is a sign: "Bienvenidos Coban, Ciudad Imperial ". This is a memory of the fact that the charter of the city was granted to him in 1538 personally by Emperor Charles. The city was once the center of Tezulutlán (Tierra de Guerra, or "Land of War"), a Mayan stronghold.


Tours to Coban

In the nineteenth century, the first settlers from Germany appeared here, who brought elements of a German mountain town to the local architecture. There are many picturesque estates and residences of the local elite around the city.


Excursions to Coban

Vacation in Coban

Feel the atmosphere of Coban!

The city still retains the atmosphere of a small German town, with many Protestant and Catholic churches. There are many German-style cafes and restaurants in the city, but there are also restaurants with local cuisine. Coffee connoisseurs call the city of Coban the capital of this strong, invigorating and aromatic drink in Guatemala. After all, it is surrounded by coffee plantations, where tourists and everyone will be told how coffee beans are grown and processed, and will conduct an excursion.