San Andrés

San Andres is 700 km from the Colombian mainland, a miniature paradise with influences from England and Spain, pirates and corsairs, blended into a rich culture which moves to the beat of reggae. Perfect beaches, excellent water-sports, diving and ecotourism.
Your first glimpse of San Andres island is the sea of seven colors, home to many-hued fish and coral, working their magic on the visitor. After an afternoon on the beach or shopping duty-free, night falls and the air is alive with music and dancing.
No-one knows exactly when the Dutch settlers arrived to set up their faros, but they were soon followed by the English and the Irish; and then came the fight with the Spaniards to keep possession of the island. But despite the comings and goings of the pirate Sir Henry Morgan between here and Jamaica, something of the Dutch culture remained in San Andres.
Then the African slaves, European settlers and Spanish colonists  passed through, each leaving behind a few seeds of their wisdom, not to mention aromatic plants  and some traces of  their favorite foods, which have now come together to form part of one of Colombia´s richest culture: the native or raizal tradition.

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