Praia de Pipa

Home to dolphins & turtles, the Village of Pipa is part of the district of Tibau do Sul, an Indian name meaning "between 2 waters" (it having the Guarairas lagoon to one side and the Atlantic Ocean to the other).
Praia de Pipa become much more famous than Tibau in the last decades. At first Pipa was a fishermen village, then after the seventies the beach started to receive a lot of surfers, and later, tourists, that finally discovered the beauties of this paradise. Maybe it’s from here that her ability to enrapture adventurers and tourists from the world over comes since the time when pirates of every nationality landed on her shores in search of the famous Brazil wood (pau brasil).

This is Praia de Pipa, always present in every list of the top 10 most beautiful beaches in north eastern Brazil. And since northeast is the best place for beaches in this country, you know that we´re talking about a very special place.

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