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Porto Alegre


Porto Alegre

The gaucho capital Porto Alegre has a privileged location. A strategic point within Mercosur, Porto Alegre is the geographical center of the major routes of the Southern Cone and it is located at equivalent distance both from Buenos Aires and Montevideo, as well as from São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro cities.


Tours in Porto Alegre

In the city, there is a wide selection of eco-tours available. You can embark on a true horseback riding adventure or take a boat ride down the river to explore the surroundings of Lake Guava, tropical forests, and savannas. You can also visit a cattle ranch or go on a safari.


Excursions in Porto Alegre

The mountainous surroundings of Porto Alegre are the only place in Brazil where it sometimes snows in winter (June-July). A small national park with waterfalls and clean lakes is located within the city limits on the Santana Hill. From the viewpoint of the Ossu Hill, you can see Lake Guayaba, ocean beaches, and a panoramic view of the city. Porto Alegre is rightfully considered the greenest city in Brazil, and the Botanical Garden occupies a huge area.

Holiday in Porto Alegre

Leisure diversity in Porto Alegre

Whoever arrives Porto Alegre  meets an important business center and the gateway to the major tourist attractions in the region. Whoever strolls along Porto Alegre’s streets is surprised with its perennial vegetation, hills, and ponds. What is also dazzling is the preservation condition of its historic buildings, which shelter memories and culture. But what really charms visitors is the surprisingly harmonious match of its welcoming manner of an interior town with the fast hustle and bustle of a large urban center, its architecture as the icon of modernity, and the cultural heterogeneity.