The Pantanal

The Amazon may attract more fame and glory, but the Pantanal is a far better place to see wildlife, with the greatest concentration of fauna in the New World. In the Amazon, the animals hide in the dense foliage, but in the Pantanal's open spaces, wildlife is visible to the most casual observer.
The biodiversity of the region is extremely rich. 260 species of fish and 650 species of birds live there. Spectacled Cayman, hyacinth Macaw, Rhea, Giant river otter, Tapir and Jaguar all call this home. In addition to monkeys, emus and alligators, many snake species also live there. Thousands of birds such as Ibises, storks, Jaburus and spoonbill populate the area, and it is also an important wintering area for millions of migration birds from North America.
Here you can join activities like safaris for wildlife watching, horseback riding on lush plains, canoe trips to accompany the sunset, hiking in forests in search of a closer contact with nature and so much more. To carry out this experience it is not necessary to go to Africa, just visit the Pantanal.

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A fascinating tour of Brazil 2023

                                                                       14 days / 13 nightsRIO DE JANEIRO (2N) + PANTANAL/BONITO (5N) + MANAUS (2N)+ SÃO LUÍS (2N) + BARREI..


Exotic Cocktail 2023

Rio de Janeiro - Foz do Iguaçu - Pantanal - Bonito - Buzios13 days / 12 nightsExotic CocktailTotal per pax4*Arena Leme (3n) + Viale Cataratas (2n) + Pousada Aguape (2n) + Pousada Olho D`Agua (3n) + Rio Buzios Beach (2n) + ServicesSGLDBLTRP$ 7,968$ 4,736$ 4,7175*Miramar Copacabana(3n) + Mabu Thermas (2n) + Pousada Aguape (2n) + Pousada Olho D`Agua (..


Grand tour in Brazil 2023

19 days/18 nights Program is valid for any day of departure from 2 paxThe price of the tour per pax in DBL occupancy: 4200 $ ..


Incredible Adventures in Brazil

17 days /16 nightsRio de Janeiro-Ilha Grande-Iguazu-Pantanal-Bonito- Lençóis Maranhenses National Park Hotels+Services SNG 1/2 DBL Total per pax  $ 4752 $    3796  In this amazing tour you will experience: ·    &nb..


Rio Carnival Champion Parade 2023

Rio Carnival Champion Parade 2023+ Pantanal and Bonito23.02-04.03.2023The price per 1 pax in ½ DBL – 6350 USDCITYNIGHTSHOTELS Rio de Janeiro4Miramar by Windsor Superior BBPantanal2Caiman Lodge Suite FBBonito3Hotel Arte da Natureza Deluxe Room BB..


Exotic Cocktail with Rio and Pantanal

 Rio de Janeiro - Pantanal - Bonito9 days / 8 nightsExotic Cocktail 2023Total per pax4*Arena Leme (3n) + Pousada Aguape (2n) + Pousada Olho D`Agua (3n) + ServicesSGLDBLTRP$ 6,030$ 3,752$ 3,3085*Miramar Copacabana (3n) + Pousada Aguape (2n) + Pousada Olho D`Agua (3n) + ServicesSGLDBLTRP$ 6,155$ 3,815$ 3,287..


Amazon, Savanna and Pantanal 2022

3 ecosystems 8 days / 7 nightsMato Grosso is the only state in Brazil with 3 different ecosystems within its borders and quite close from Cuiaba and its airport. Visit the Amazon Rain Forest southern border just 290 km NW from Cuiabá, snorkel amidst fish, visit astonishing waterfalls and rock formations at Chapada dos Guimaraes (Savanna) jus..


Carnival Adventure

Rio de Janeiro Carnival - Pantanal – Bonito10 days/ 9nights Rio de Janeiro Carnival + Pantanal + Bonito Total per pax   4* Windsor Excelsior (5 n) + Pousada Aguape (2n) + Hotel Arte da Natureza (2n) + Services SGL DBL TRP   ..


Pousada Aguape

Surrounded by nature, Pousada Aguape is in Aquidauna’s countryside, 195 km from Campo Grande Airport...


Pousada Xaraes Pantanal

Ada Tours offers a 4 day trip and a 5 day trip packages to combine Pantanal and Bonito in one trip, for the best ecological experience. . Pantanal is an ecological paradise. It has an incredible mix of ecosystems and hosts a great variety of fauna and flora, both aquatic and terrestrial. Bonito is one of the most desired destinations for Eco-tour..