The capital of Valle del Calca, Cali is famous for its obsession with salsa, the people of Cali love nothing more than dancing to the rhythm of these infectious beats. Cali's musical rhythms, thanks to their ethnic richness, range from the Pacific coast currulao to the great protagonist of the city: salsa, a contagious and frantic rhythm that is part of the country's culture. For this very reason, Cali distinguishes itself in Colombia as the 'Capital of Rumba' and, in the world, as the 'Capital of Salsa' because the party in the streets and the dance are characteristic. 
But there are also plenty of other things to do in this vibrant Colombian city, with enough to keep travelers busy for several days or more. From cultural heritage to natural retreats, on your way through the city, you can go to the riverside to appreciate the architecture of churches such as the Hermitage and other colonial buildings that are authentic national monuments.
You can't miss visiting hot spots such as the Zoo of Cali, the Granada Quarter and the imposing Cristo Rei, a statue similar to Christ the Redeemer of Rio de Janeiro, which watches over the city from Cerro das Três Cruzes. Museums are also part of the tourist sites of Cali: the Museum of Tertulia, the Museum of Ouro Calima and the Archaeological Museum La Merced are some of the best known.

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