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Until the mid-1990s, Itacaré had lived in isolation due to a dirt road that was difficult to face. Today, after the arrival of asphalt, this old fishing village lives based on ecotourism and the interest generated by the sequence of beautiful beaches that begins very close to its historic center. Resende and Tiririca are the closest, both with strong waves.


Tour to the outskirts of Itacara

Some are wild and require breath to be reached, as in Prainha - to have the right to enjoy one of the most beautiful views in Brazil and a point of surfers, you have to face a 40-minute walk. It also requires strong legs, and help from those who know the region, to reach the short and beautiful Havaizinho and the deserted Engenhoca, the one with the advantage of providing fresh water bath from the Borundanga River in one of the corners.


Walking tours in Itakara

In Itacaré, there are many beautiful buildings and architectural landmarks. For example, one of the most famous buildings is the Santa Maria del Mar church, which was built in the 14th century and has a high bell tower. There is also a museum of Itacaré history in the city, where you can learn a lot about the city's past. In addition, you can see many beautiful fountains and sculptures on the city streets that decorate its streets. However, I do not know which specific houses are located right on the oceanfront.

Itakara, the city of traditions

Snow-white beaches, interesting excursions and delicious drinks in Itakara!

Some mansions built during the period when cocoa brought wealth to the region, between the 19th and 20th centuries, are still standing, restored. A single street, Pedro Longo, concentrates commerce. At night, she shares the excitement with Praia da Concha, where most of the hotels are located, as well as bars. Dream hotels and resorts are located on the beautiful and almost private Itacarezinho Beach, offer not only comfort and stewardship, but tours that explore the mangroves, rivers and waterfalls of the region. With sun shining practically all year, you can even plan your trip for the months when the city is quieter, between July and October. In addition, there is an opportunity to spot whales, which appear in the region for mating.