Asalem is situated directly on the spectacular Bay of Abraäo. Our proximity to the ocean offers rare, intimate glimpses of sea creatures such as starfish, crustaceans and turtles, as well as abundant schools of fish. The forest brings frequent visitors, including monkeys, squirrels, fireflies, blue butterflies and a wide variety of exotic tropical birds.
Hotel Information
Аrea information Ilha Grande, Big Island, is an unspoiled paradise a two-hour drive south of Rio de Janeiro. Waterfalls cascade from jungle covered mountains into an emerald ocean that surrounds 107 white-sand beaches. Discovered in 1503, it has a 193 sq. km. nature preserve where no cars or roads are allowed. Abraão. The pleasant village of Abraão just a couple of minutes boat ride from Asalem, or a twenty-minute seaside walk, is the islands main village. There are shops, fine restaurants, a church, pharmacy, internet café and nightlife.
Food and Restaurants Each day’s menu is inspired by both the freshest seasonal ingredients and our guests’ desires. Our intimate size makes it possible for you to discuss and plan your meals with the cook according to your tastes as well as schedules. Help us choose fresh fish for our dinner, brought by local fisherman directly to our private waterside sundeck. We also offer fruit from our own trees, as well as herbs and vegetables for sumptuous and healthy meals. Breakfast (included) Our breakfast is a tasty, visual delight which includes a variety of hand-picked tropical fruits and fresh juices, homemade jams, natural herbal teas from our own garden, and other must-tries that will provide a joyful, healthy start to your day. Lunch and Dinner (prices vary -- closed on Sundays) Just a sample of our gastronomic home-taste pleasures. - Fish in coconut milk sauce - Eggplant lasagne - Seafood stew Such entrees can be followed by luscious desserts like passionfruit mousse or caramel milk pudding. Cocktail and specialties Relax with house-specialty caipirinhas and cocktails made from local cachaças and hand-picked fruits from our land, such as mangas (mango), pitanga, tangerines, goiabas (guava), mamão (papaya), jaca (jackfruit), young coconut, lime, and more. Also available is a selection of beer and wine.
Hotel Facilities
Activities Massage
General Restaurant Bar Air-conditioning
Internet WIFI available
Services Reservation/Ticket Service

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