Petermann Island

Just north of the Antarctic Circle, Petermann Island is a rocky and partially glaciated area, found as you venture further south, travelling down the Lemaire Channel. For many visitors, Petermann Island is the only place where they can see Adélie penguins. The island hosts one of the northernmost Adélie penguin colonies, and one of the southernmost Gentoo penguin colonies as well. Blue-eyed shags also breed on Petermann Island, besides all the leopard seals and humpback whales that may be seen around the landing bay. Vibrant green and red algae, known as cryoplankton, colors the snow in bursting clouds, especially in the summer, when snow is melting. From the top of the island you can observe the 'Iceberg Alley', a view certainly worth the hike.

The island was discovered by a German expedition of 1873-74, who named it after geographer August Petermann. The French Antarctic Expedition of 1908-10 wintered over aboard ship in a cove on the southeast side of the island, named Port Circumcision because it was spotted 1 January 1909, the traditional day for the Feast of the Circumcision.

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