Tour of Paraguay 2022

Asuncion, Chaco, Jesuit Missions and Triple Frontier

 8 days / 7 nights

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*The price of the program is per person in USD, with 4* Hotels where possible 

Day 1: City Tour Asunción
Arrival at the airport of Asunción and transfer to our hotel with our tour guide. In the afternoon we start the journey in Paraguay with a private city tour through Asunción, where we learn about the foundation of Asunción in 1537, the Independence in 1811, the heyday under President Lopez and today’s situation. Furthermore, we visit the Casa de la Independencia, the house where the Independence got proclaimed. In addition visit of the Metropolitan Cathedral, the train station – one of the oldest stations in entire South America – and the National Pantheon. In one of the most famous and popular restaurants in Asunción, called Bar Lido, we also get the chance to taste a typical paraguayan snack: the delicious empanada. The tour finally ends with a short visit of the Mercado Municipal Nr. 4 or Pettirossi. Enjoy the typical South- American atmosphere of this Market! O/B Hotel Las Margaritas 4* in Asunción
Day 2: Asunción – Chaco / Filadelfia
Early in the morning starts the journey to Filadelfia, the principal town in the heart of the Chaco region. The Chaco begins after crossing the bridge Remanso - one of the two bridges which connect the East and the West of the Country. Along the way we make several stops, so we can observe nature and wildlife and get a first impression of the unique nature of Chaco. We will visit a native indigenous village, the Toba Qom, and the beautiful salt lake “Laguna Capitán”. In the winter there are hundreds of Andean flamingos here! In the evening we reach Filadelfia. O/B Hotel Florida 3*+ in Filadelfia
Day 3: Chaco
After breakfast we explore the city Filadelfia and visit the Jakob Unger museum. This museum shows the history of the Mennonite colonies Menno, Fernheim and Neuland. Then we drive to the Mennonite colony Neuland, from where it proceeds to Fortín Boquerón. This place reflects of one of the biggest wars of Paraguayan history: the Chaco War, led between Paraguay and Bolivia in 1932-35. During the whole stay in Chaco, we can spot unique animals and plants in this landscape. In the evening we will go back to the hotel in Filadelfia. O/B Hotel Florida 3*+ in Filadelfia
Day 4: Filadelfia – Pa´i Puku School - Asunción
On the way to Asunción we will visit the school of Pai Puku. The school was founded by a Belgian missionary and now offers building as well training in handicrafts (e.g. as a carpenter) for about 700 children from the entire territory of the Chaco. In the late afternoon arrival in Asunción and drop off at the hotel. O/B Hotel Las Margaritas 4* in Asunción
Day 5: Asunción – San Ignacio – Encarnación
In the morning, pick up and departure from Asunción following the Route 1 direction south. The first stop on our way to Encarnación is the city of Caapucú, with visit of the Museum Casa-Oratorio Cabañas, which was built in the 17th Century, showing original documents of the Spanish Governor Don Bernardo de Velazco. Later, we arrive in San Ignacio Guazú. In this city we find the most important museum about the history of the Jesuits. It was in San Ignacio Guazú, where the first mission of this region (Paraguay, Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia) was founded in 1609. Afterwards, we visit the Museum Diocesano, where we can admire a huge number of statues which were calved by the Indigenous more than 300 years ago. In the evening we arrive in Encarnación, the capital of the Department number 7: Itapúa. By a first glance over the city, we will fast understand why Paraguayans call this city “the pearl of the South”. O/B Hotel Milord 4* in Encarnación
Day 6: Encarnación – Jesús and Trinidad – Ciudad del Este
Today we visit the ruins of the Jesuit Missions of Trinidad and Jesús. These missions were founded in the beginning of the 18th century and gave home to more than 4000 people. The Jesuit padres showed the Guaraní Indians how to live in organized communities and how to agriculture. They also taught them a lot about arts such as music, painting and sculptures. In 1768 the Jesuits were banished by the Spanish Kingdom. The missions were abandoned and the Indians went back to the forests. During the visit we might get an impression of this missionary work the Jesuits left for the history. Later that day, we get the chance to visit one of the biggest Yerba Mate factories in Paraguay. Yerba Mate is the national drink of the Paraguayans. In wintertime they drink it hot and in summer they enjoy it cold – it is then called Tereré. Mate was first consumed by the indigenous Guaraní. Mate consumption spread in the 17th century to the Río de la Plata. From there it continued its spreading to Argentina, Chile, Bolivia and Peru. This consumption turned into Paraguay's main commodity above other goods. After this visit, we continue the journey towards the North of the Country until we reach the border city Ciudad del Este. Arrival and transfer to tge hotel. O/B Hotel Howard Johnson 4* in Ciudad del Este
Day 7: Scientific Monument Moisés Bertoni – Itaipu Hydroelectric Dam – Asunción
At 8 o'clock, after breakfast, the journey continues with the visit of the Monumental Park once private home of Moises Bertoni, a Swiss scientist who lived and died in Paraguay more than 100 years ago. Afterwards we visit the Itaipú Hydroelectric Dam. Behind the Three Gorges Dam in China it is the second largest hydroelectric dam in the world for its structure but the largest generator of renewable and clean energy (the production goes over the total result of 12 nuclear power plants!). In 1995 it was selected as one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World. Enjoy this trip of approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes admiring this colossal and impressive work. Then, return to Asunción and transfer to the hotel. O/B Hotel Las Margaritas 4* in Asunción
Day 8: Asunción – Departure
According to the flight schedule, transfer to the airport of Asunción for the departure.
The price of the program includes:
-Transfer IN from Asunción airport to hotel in Asunción -7 overnights in selected hotels incl. Breakfast, including Early Check In on day 1 -Half day City Tour in Asunción -Tour Paraguayan Chaco -Private transfer Asunción – Encarnación -Visits to Museum Cabañas, Jesuit Mission of San Ignacio, Jesús and Trinidad -Private transfer Encarnación – Ciudad del Este -Tour of the Scientific Monument Moisés Bertoni -Tour of the Hydroelectric Dam of Itaipú -Private transfer Ciudad del Este – Asunción -Transfer OUT Hotel Asunción – Asunción Airport -Entrance fees -Private English speaking guide and private driver (Russian speaking guide on request)

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Tour of Paraguay 2022


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