El Valle

Officially known as El Valle de Antón, located in the mountains of the district of Coclé this picturesque town is situated in the crater of a giant extinct volcano, known as the second largest inhabited volcano crater. Once a crater lake it became home to Indians from the surrounding mountains. The microclima here also provided the amazing varieties of flora and fauna in the middle of verdant forests and jagged peaks
Like the town of Boquete in Chiriquí, El Valle is a popular weekend location for urbanites in need of a little fresh air. It's a perfect place for walking, hiking or horseback riding, especially since there is an extensive network of trails leading from the town into the hills and around the valley. Nature lovers, and birders in particular, won't be disappointed - the nearby forests offer excellent bird watching. El Valle is also home to an impressive set of waterfalls as well as some rare golden frogs.

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