Brazil 2022: Little Mix

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Little Mix

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Americas Copacabana (3n) + Quality Suites Bela Cintra (3n) + Hotel Villa Bahia Pelourinho (1n) + Hotel Porto Zarpa (3n) + Services

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Day 1. Rio de Janeiro
Take in the breathtaking view as your plane descends upon Rio de Janeiro – the 'Marvellous City' where rolling green hills, turquoise ocean, sandy beaches and high-rise urban development is all packed together in a unique blend of life and humanity. Your driver will take you from the airport to the hotel, during which time you can get a different perspective of the city, passing through the colonial style buildings and along the world-famous beachfront. The natural beauty of Rio is almost transcendental and gives you a taste of the Amazon rainforest while still retaining everything that is so incredible about a Latin American city. A walk along the mosaic tiles of Copacabana reveals much about the life of a 'carioca' (Rio local) – a refreshing caipirinha as the waves lap against the shore, a fiercely competitive game of foot volleyball, and thousands of beachgoers sunning themselves on the white sands. You have truly arrived in paradise. Upon arrival you will be transferred to your hotel by your guide.
Day 2. Rio de Janeiro
Tour to Corcovado Mountain + Christ the Redeemer Statue (Private) After a delicious tropical breakfast in your hotel, you will head out on a trip to see the world-famous Christ the Saviour statue on top of Corcovado Mountain. A specially designed train will take you from the foot of the mountain along a winding road through the magical Tijuca rainforest where you will see some of the enchanting tropical wildlife on constant display in Rio, such as toucans, monkeys and armadillos. At the summit of Corcovado, 700m above sea level, proudly stands the iconic image seen around the world – a 38m high statue of Christ the Saviour. But that is not the only breathtaking thing about this place – when up close to the statue you will be overwhelmed by the stunning panoramic view of the city, so high up it seems as though you are truly flying with the birds around you. From the far reaches of Guanabara Bay, to the Maracanã Stadium, all along to Sugarloaf Mountain, Copacabana, Ipanema and Gávea Mountain, you can see the whole of Rio de Janeiro. Transfer to the hotel.
Day 3. Rio de Janeiro
Sugarloaf Tour (Private) After breakfast in your hotel you will be taken to the mythical Sugarloaf mountain, protruding abruptly from out of the ground like an asteroid just fallen from space. A magnificent cable car ride will take you up to Urca Mountain, the stop off between ground level and Sugarloaf. From there you can enjoy a smooth cocktail or sample some of Brazil’s many signature dishes. Once arriving to the top of Sugarloaf mountain you will see the captivating beauty of Rio from a different angle, To your left you can see Copacabana beach stretching off into the distance, and on the horizon the faint outlines of Two Brothers and Gávea mountains. Below you is the quaint and intimate Red Beach, while to your right you can see across Guanabara Bay to Niterói and, closer in, Rio’s Botafogo and central neighbourhoods, with the unmistakable silhouette of Christ the Saviour casting its eternal gaze over the city. This trip is essential to gain a different perspective on Rio, and to truly understand its beauty.
Day 4. Rio de Janeiro – Sao Paulo
After breakfast you will be taken to the airport to your flight to Sao Paulo. Your guide will receive will upon your arrival and take you to your hotel. You have the day free to relax and to get to know the city by yourself.
Day 5. Sao Paulo
After breakfast you will go on a Architectonic tour. A tour focused on contemporary and modern architecture, including the Octavio Bridge Frias (Ponte Estaiada), the Building of the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism at USP (FAU-USP) and the Morumbi Stadium (both works by Villanova Artigas). Following to Ibirapuera Park, we will see the “Oca”, and the Ciccillo Matarazzo Pavilion (works by Niemeyer), the Museum of Modern Art (by Lina Bo Bardi), also the Hotel Unique, by Architect Ruy Othake. We will continue with a visit to the Higienópolis neighborhood, the birthplace of Modern Architecture, with the presentation of works by award-winning architects as Paulo Mendes da Rocha, Isay Weinfield, Carlos Bratke and Franz Heep, in addition to visiting Copan, the largest residential building made of concrete in Brazil. Visiting stops: Higienópolis, FAU / USP, Ibirapuera and Copan. Duration: 6 hours
Day 6. Sao Paulo
After breakfast you will go on a city tour in Sao Paulo. A walk through the most representative tourist spots in the city. The tour starts with the presentation of Ibirapuera Park, our main green area, where we expose the historical importance of the Obelisk to São Paulo and the Monument to the Flags, in addition to several works by Oscar Niemeyer, such as the Museum of Contemporary Art (MAC) and Oca. We will continue through the noble neighborhoods of Jardins, with an emphasis on the architectural design of Hotel Unique and the traditional Church of Nossa Senhora do Brasil, until we reach Vila Madalena, where we will visit the unusual and colorful Beco do Batman, with his graffiti-covered murals. Afterwards, we will cross the emblematic Avenida Paulista, and then we can see the imposing Copan and Italy buildings, as well as the Anhangabaú Valley, Municipal Theater, City Hall, Courtyard of the College, São Bento Monastery and the magnificent Metropolitan Cathedral, located at Praça da Sé Visiting stops: Ibirapuera (Monument to the Flags and Museum of Contemporary Art - MAC) and Beco do Batman. Duration: 4 hours
Day 7. Sao Paulo - Salvador
Breakfast at the hotel. At the right time you will be take to the airport to take your flight to Salvador. Prior to arrival you will be welcomed and transferred to your hotel. In Salvador - the African soul of Brazil - the descendants of slaves preserved their cultural roots more than anywhere else in the New World. The result is hypnotic drum beats, graceful movement, fragrant spices, inherent sensuality and an energy that brings good luck and positive results. Salvador combines all these elements in wild festivals, including Brazil's hottest Carnival. But even on ordinary days you can come across a capoeira (martial art/dance) circle, munch acarajé (bean and shrimp dumplings fried in dendê oil) and witness a Candomblé follower possessed by an African deity. Also mind Brazil’s best all included hotels at the beautiful beaches near Salvador!
Day 8: Salvador – Praia do Forte
Discover the essential sights of Salvador on a half day tour tracing the development of the city from its simple beginnings to what is now the third largest city in Brazil. After hotel pick up with a private guide he takes you to the mouth of the immense bay and then via elegant tree-lined avenues and bustling city streets to the Pelourinho, a Unesco Heritage site and the largest complex of colonial architecture in South America. We leave the vehicle at the Municipal Square, by the towering Lacerda Elevator, with great views of the bay stretching out to the lower city, and stroll through the narrow, bustling streets lined with buildings in pastel shades of an age gone by, soaking in the sights and sounds of this vibrant city. We visit the church of São Francisco with its exuberant gold-leafed Baroque interior and the Pelourinho square, the heart of the old town. Afterwards transfer to the coastal area of Costa de Sauipe to your hotel for relaxing beach days. Praia do Forte, one of Brazil's most attractive beaches, is a fun destination which can easily be added to a trip to Salvador. A district of Mata de São João (pop. 37,201), Praia do Forte is about 60 kilometers to the north of Salvador, on the Coconut Tree Coast.
Day 8-10: Praia Do Forte
Free Days in your Hotel of choice, relax at the beach and enjoy the beautiful surrounding.
Day 11: Praia Do Forte
After breakfast you will be transferred to the airport in time for your flight back home.

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Brazil 2022: Little Mix


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