Monterrey, Mexico’s third largest city and the so-called “Sultan of the North” is, in fact, a truly surprising city. A powerhouse of business and industry, this city is one of the most important production and trade centers in the country. But there is much more to Monterrey than just business and industry.
A modern, well-planned city that is easy to navigate and full of cultural offerings, Monterrey is populated by friendly and helpful people, who are eager to present their city as the most advanced city in Mexico. Monterrey’s population of over one million (three million in the urban area) is the most educated in Mexico and the city on a per capital basis has more colleges, universities and institutes of technology, than any other Mexican city. Another example of this city’s progressive stature is the fact that over twenty per cent of Mexico’s computers are said to be located in Monterrey.
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There are a number of nearby attractions to attract tourists, especially those interested in a vacation complimented by all of the amenities that are associated with the convenience that a large city offers. Quality restaurants, modern shopping malls, numerous museums and cultural attractions abound here.
The mountains, canyons and desert that surround the city offer pleasant diversion and a wide variety of tourist activities, many of which are not readily available anywhere else in Mexico. Some of the Mexico’s best hiking, mountain biking, cave exploring and nature areas are located within fairly close proximity to the city.
A visit to Monterrey is sure to surprise even the most accomplished traveler. Tourists often overlook this charming city, opting for the beach resorts and the promotional popularity of other Mexican cities. As word of Monterrey spreads, this should change. Tourism has become more prevalent in recent years, as traveling businessmen spread the word about Monterrey and even return to vacation with their families.

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