Deemed ‘the Sultan of the Andes’, Riobamba is a traditional, old-fashioned city that delights travelers. It is sedate yet handsome, with wide avenues and random mismatched shops tucked into imposing 18th- and 19th-century stone buildings. It lies at the heart of an extensive scenic road network and is the starting point for the spectacular train ride down the Nariz del Diablo. Thanks to Riobamba’s proximity to Chimborazo, the country’s highest peak, the city is home to some of the country’s best climbing operators.
Riobamba is also an important commercial center for the central highlands.  The city hums with activity, especially on Saturdays, when is market day and indigenous people pour into town. The trading that goes on, in everything from bootleg CDs and bloomers to donkey butter, grain mills and chickens, easily rivals the markets at Saquisilí and Machachi, making Saturday one of the best days to be in town.

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Highlights of Ecuador 2022

8 days / 7 nights Ecuador is a very popular tourist attraction due to the diversity of culture, flora, and fauna all present in a small territory. Rich cultural values are kept, and traditions are practiced to this day within the indigenous population. On this tour of the Ecuadorian mainland (the Andes to the Pacific Coast), you will be acquai..


Ecuador 2022: Highlights

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