Lago Izabal

Lake Izabal, Spanish Lago de Izabal, lake in northeastern Guatemala. The country’s largest lake, Izabal occupies part of the lowlands between the Santa Cruz Mountains to the northwest and the Minas and San Isidro mountains to the southwest and southeast. It is fed by the Polochic River and is drained by the Dulce River into Amatique Bay, which is part of the Caribbean Sea. 
Dulce River, formed as a neck from Izabal Lake, is famed for its riverside setting and there are some beautiful places around the lake and river in which to stay. Just south of Dulce River on the lake is the Castillo de San Felipe. On the northern shore of the lake is the town of El Estor, and on its southern shore the smaller town of Mariscos . Further east, beyond Dulce River, the river broadens out to El Golfete, where there is the Biotopo Chacón Machacas. It then narrows into one of the finest gorges in the world, and opens out at its estuary, with Lívingston at its head. This area can be wet in the rainy season, but it experiences a lull in July, known as the canícula.

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