Playas del Este

Havana's pine-fringed Riviera, Playas del Este, begins at Bacuranao, 18km east of central Habana, and continues to the east through Tarará, El Mégano, Santa María del Mar and Boca Ciega to the town of Guanabo, 27km from the capital. This is where all of Habana comes to lounge on soft white sands and bathe in aquamarine waters. About a dozen large resorts are scattered along this 9km stretch of beach, with the largest concentration at Santa María del Mar (Santa María). For a more affordable and local experience here, you can rent a private room in Guanabo (where most Cubans stay) or a little beach house in Boca Ciega. The latter is great for families, as are the big houses at Villa Marina Tarará.

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