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In a convertible Jeep or air-conditioned vehicle you will proceed to city ​​of Petrópolis, State capital of beer that countless breweries of different sizes, not to mention that it was chosen as the birthplace of the first national brewery founded in 1853 and is still there today. You will get to know the artisanal manufacturing process up close of two breweries affiliated with the Rio de Janeiro Brewery Route, with productions between 20 thousand liters / month reaching 90 thousand liters / month and also including gypsy breweries in their production. In these breweries you will have the opportunity to understand in depth about the laws that govern this universe and guarantee its quality, such as the German Purity Law (Reinheitsgebot), promulgated by the Duke Wilheim IV (William IV) of Bavaria in 1516, who regulates that beer could only have three ingredients: Malt, hops and water. Thus protecting consumers from foreign components and additives. This law is one of the only long-standing ones that still prevails in today, supported by the strength of German beer culture, today part of something bigger, the Biersteuergesetz (BStG) - “Law of beer taxation ”that defines how the beer should be and how it must be taxed according to its alcohol content. Such regulation has guaranteed breweries more freedom in preparation of its recipes, it also introduced yeast in their formulas and improved the classification of beers as high or low fermentation. With the master brewers you will explore the entire history of creation of breweries, discover their exotic and special recipes and even tasting directly from the tanks! And finally you’ll head to the biggest brewing experience center from Brazil, Cervejaria Bohemia, where you will also taste a delicious lunch that you can pair with a good beer if of your taste, of course! With a breathtaking museum for any brewer, whoever enters at Cervejaria Bohemia, immediately falls in love with the universe of beer. The visit offers the most complete brewing experience

From Latin America. The Tour presents the history of beer, its production process and ingredients that lead visitors to unique sensory experiences and exclusive tastings.

Pick-up on the banks of Leblon, Ipanema and Copacabana - it can be in São Conrado, Barra da Tijuca and Petrópolis.








*Minimum of 06 pax


Tours: Fri, Sat, Sun. 

(or by arrangement)

Local guide, pick up & drop off, all tickets entrance & fees.

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Jeep Tour – Beer Tour


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