It might be the biggest town in the Yungas, the region where the high Andes fall away into the Amazon Basin, but Coroico feels more like a sleepy hilltop retreat. Coroico has a wonderful climate. In the sub-tropical yungas the days are warm and the nights are comfortably fresh.There is almost no difference between the dry season (from May to December) and the rainy season (from January to April). During the rainy season it rains almost every night, the morning the sun breaks through the clouds and the sky becomes blue. In the afternoon it can rain again. It may rain also during the dry season or the sky is filled with clouds. Coroico offers many hotels, restaurants, a German Bakery and French, Mexican and Argentine Food, pubs and cafés. In the evening you can enjoy in the discos Bolivian folkloric music, Rock or Tecno.

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